Russian film chains took “Fast and Furious 9 from the rental because of conflict with Universal

Three Russian film networks removed Fast Furious 9 from the schedule after two weeks of rental — the cause was a conflict with Universal Pictures International. Problems began last May, when & laquo; KARO, Kinomax and the combined network Cinema Park and Formula Kino could not agree on rental terms with Universal. Update: Kinomax left the film on the schedule despite the statements.

And in KARO sessions were shortened, but not to the end. After two weeks, the distributor‘s share of box office fees decreases from 50% to 40 -45%, however Universal planned to pick up half of the revenue from the third weekend as well.

These changes began to occur after UPI became the cinema partner of Warner Bros. in Russia and took over the rental of their films in the local territory.

But the networks opposed a similar decision with revenue and removed Fast Furious 9″ from the rental. Earlier, the same happened with Godzilla vs.

Kong and Mortal Kombat. Then it was assumed that such a fate would befall a new part of Dominic Torretto’s history – so happened.

How the situation will be solved further is unclear. Over the past time, Fast and Furious 9” has managed to collect almost a billion rubles in Russia, so the studio is unlikely to be happy with such a decision.

At the same time, recently it became known that the fees of the film in China fell significantly amid the scandal with John Sino. After June 2, there are no sessions in different cities More on Gambling Complete the game from Canobu& & raquo;, find the Magic Tablets and get half a kingdom! Take-Two buys creators of football manager Top Eleven for $378 million New concepts of canceled Alien 5″ from the author of District No.