Russian film crew back on Earth after filming at the ISS

A Russian actress and her cameraman returned from space this morning. Joelia Peresild and Klim Sjipenko stayed twelve days at the International Space Station to shoot a film there. It was the first time that parts of a feature film were shot outside the Earth.

Peresild, Shipenko along with cosmonaut Oleg Novitski landed with a Soyuz capsule shortly after 6.30 am, with parachutes attached to it, in Kazakhstan.

The days in space flew by, the actress said:

Peresild (37) made recordings for the film Vizov (The Challenge). In the film, a spaceman becomes unwell. He can‘t go back to Earth. That’s why a surgeon, played by Peresild, goes into space to operate and save his life. The last half hour of the film takes place in the space station.

Experienced cosmonaut

The role of the sick cosmonaut is played by the experienced Novitsky. He spent more than six months in the ISS and returned today with the filmmakers. Novitski has been in the ISS twice before: in 2012 and 2017, the cosmonaut was previously featured in documentaries about the ISS, but had no acting experience yet.

The Russians beat American filmmakers with their filming in space, as Hollywood also has plans for filming onboard the ISS. Tom Cruise is probably going to make a movie there early 2022. He will be taken to the space station with the Crew Dragon, a spacecraft of SpaceX, the company of billionaire Elon Musk.