Russian locksmith (38) suspected of murder of 26 women

The Russian police arrested a man suspected of robbing and murdering 26 older women in the years 2011 and 2012, who came into the picture after the police had conducted thousands of DNA tests. By far the majority of women killed are 70 years of age or older.

The multiple murder suspect was previously described in Russia as the Volga Maniac, when it was not yet known who was involved. The man entered the women by pretending to be a handyman or an electrician. Once inside, he overpowered the victim with his bare hands or with objects nearby, writes The Guardian, including a clothesline and an apron.

A committee responsible for investigating major crimes states in a statement that careful and systematic investigation led to the conclusion that 38-year-old locksmith Radik Tagirov murdered women in central Russia.

Same pattern

A spokesman said that the attackers gene type and footprints and the pattern of the actions matched Tagirovs.

Tagirov is a resident of the city of Kazan, more than 800 kilometers east of Moscow. In 2009, he was convicted of theft.

In Russia, some of the worlds most notorious serial killers have been active.

For example, Siberian ex-policeman Mikhail Popkov was convicted of 78 murders committed between 1992 and 2007. He raped women and killed them with an axe or hammer after offering them a ride.