Russian opposition leader Navalny sends sign of life from hospital

The Russian opposition leader Alexander Navalny has made himself heard for the first time since he was poisoned. He placed a photo on Instagram, showing him and his family.

Under it he wrote: “Hello, here Navalny. I miss you. I can still do almost nothing, but yesterday I breathed all day on my own. All by myself. Without any help from outside. Not even the simplest valve in my throat. I was very happy with that. An amazing process, underestimated by many. I can recommend it.”

He didnt say anything about why he is in hospital.

At the end of last week it became clear that Navalny could talk again and that his condition had improved considerably. Yesterday, the Charitรฉ Hospital in Berlin announced that he was off the ventilator and that he is out of bed now and then.


Yesterday, researchers from French and Swedish laboratories confirmed what had already been established by Germany: the leader of the opposition was poisoned with the nerve poison Novichok. The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague is also investigating samples.

The poison was said to have been put in his tea, just before a domestic flight in Russia. He had been on an election campaign in the east of the country.

Navalny is being watched inside and outside the hospital in Berlin, fearing another attack on his life.