Russian police picks up lawyer and activist (33)

On Friday, the Russian police took the leading lawyer and activist Lyubov Sobol for questioning. Also, her apartment was searched.

The Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny reported this. According to Navalny, an ally of Sobol, the police action is a response to the video he published earlier this week.

An employee of Navalny said the police confiscated Sobol‘s equipment. At the time of the police action were also the husband and daughter of Sobol in the apartment. They were allowed to leave the apartment.

33-year-old Sobol is a lawyer. Previously, she announced that she wants to take part in next year’s parliamentary elections.


Navalny survived a poisoning that, according to the research collective Bellingcat, was the work of the Russian secret service FSB. On Monday, Navalny published a video on YouTube in which he claims to have been in contact with an FSB employee who was ordered to kill him. According to Navalny, that FSB member calmly explained what their plan was to poison him. Later Monday, Sobol went to look at the apartment where the FSB employee lives according to Bellingcat researchers.

President Vladimir Putin said that Navalny was too insignificant to poison and that the poisoning would have been successful if the FSB had been behind it.