Russian sandbox Black Skylands goes into early access on June 11

Publishing house TinyBuild and Russian studio Hungry Couch Games named the release date in early access adventure simulator Black Skylands. Skypunk sandbox will be available on Steam on June 11. The creators of the game promise that at the time of the premiere we will see a non-stripped-down, full version of the game.

And in the course of early access to it will additionally add content, while correcting errors and improving the game process. Action Black Skylands takes place on Earth, which split a long time ago on thousands of islands soaring in the air.

Our heroine Eve lost her father and her heavenly home after raiding bandits. Now she needs to muster all her strength for revenge.

And in the depths of the heavens lurks also mysterious Roy. Gameplay reminds simultaneously of Stardew Valley (restoration and development of base and sky ship), Sunless Sea (world exploration, air battles) and Enter the Gungeon (missions in the islands and in settlements).

And over time, they promise to add multiplayer to the game. More on CCeit In Scrapnaut added cooperative The first official teaser of role-playing game I, the Inquisitor Decision is headed to Steam: announced Decision: Red Daze.