Russian soldier gets 24 years in prison for massacre based

A Russian conscript who committed a massacre on an army base has been sentenced to a 24 year imprisonment. Ramil Shamsutdinov shot eight colleagues in eastern Russia in 2019, according to his own accused of continuing harassment.

โ€œ I didnt expect to end up in such a hell. I could not run anywhere or go to complain,โ€ wrote Shamsutdinov earlier in an open letter. A jury had already established that the man was guilty last year, but also thought he deserved a relatively mild punishment. Prosecutors demanded 25 years in prison. The court in Chita has now decided that the former conscript will be sent to a heavily guarded penal colony.


Russian army has repeatedly been compromised by harsh degreening practices. After the massacre, a fellow military officer of Shamsutdinov also received a two-year sentence for this. Many Russian young men are doing their utmost to avoid conscription.