Russian state journal employee protests live in broadcast against war

A news employee on the first TV channel in Russia protested live tonight in the broadcast against the war in Ukraine. For a few seconds, she was seen holding up a piece of paper, including โ€œstop the warโ€ and โ€œyou are being lied to hereโ€. She also called โ€œstop the warโ€.

The direction switched away quickly:

The woman is named Marina Ovsiannikova and has been working for broadcasting for years. In a pre-recorded video, which has been spread via social media, she states that she is ashamed of the propaganda that the first channel is spreading and that she has worked on it for too long. She is calling on people to demonstrate. โ€œThey cant lock us all up.โ€ Ovsiannikova also says that her father is Ukrainian and her mother is Russian.

โ€œThis is a special action that could only be performed by someone who works there,โ€ says correspondent Geert Groot Koerkamp from Moscow. โ€œFrom the outside, you wont just get in there.โ€ According to Groot Koerkamp, it rarely happens that TV employees take action in the studio themselves. โ€œWeve seen that a few times in the afterdays of the Soviet Union. And in 2011, a presenter of channel NTV refused to read the news if there was no attention to the massive demonstrations that took place in Moscow at the time.โ€

Ovsiannikova was apprehended shortly after the incident. According to the Russian human rights organization Agora, she is stuck at a police station in Moscow. The Russian state news agency TASS writes that the woman has a prison sentence of up to 15 years overhead. Recently, a law was passed in Russia that severely punishes the spread of โ€œfalse informationโ€ about the war in Ukraine.

On social media, a lot of attention has been paid to her action and is praised for her courage: