Russian Team Spirit became The International 10 Dota 2 champion

The International 10 Dota 2 Grand Final has just concluded, with Team Spirit and Chinas PSG. LGD competing for the title of champion. And it was the Russians who won! In the first two maps, after long battles, Team Spirit won, after which the pace of the game increased markedly, and the Chinese team won two consecutive victories.

And in the fourth fight, which lasted only 25 minutes, PSG. LGD dominated from the start and eventually brought the score to 23:2 .

So for the third time in grand finals history, The International had to lead fifth battle โ€” it was not as dynamic as the previous one, and PSG. LGD acted aggressively at first.

But due to mistakes, it paid, and Team Spirit took the initiative. The fight lasted less than 37 minutes.

The Russian team won 3-2 and will now take more than $18 million. The last time a CIS team won The International was exactly 10 years ago, when Natus Vincere became the champion.

And now the same success is being achieved for the first time by a team from Russia. As for the current tournament, the places are distributed: 1st place โ€” Team Spirit ($18.

2 million in prize money); 2nd place โ€” PSG. LGD (prizemoney โ€” $5.

2 million); 3rd place โ€” Team Secret (prizemoney โ€” $3. 6 million) .

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