Russian who protested on state television arrested again after search

Marina Ovshannikova, who became known for appearing on Russian state television with a protest sign, has been arrested again by the Russian police. Her lawyer reports this.

The police raided the home of the former employee of state television today. According to her lawyer, Ovshannikova has to take into account a long prison sentence.

Russia Critical Messages

Last month, Ovshannikova was briefly imprisoned at a police station in Moscow. That happened after she held up a placard near the Kremlin, the seat of government, saying, โ€œPutin is a murderer, his soldiers fascists.โ€

After her arrest, she was fined. Previously, she was also fined for critical messages she posted on Facebook and Telegram. It did not yet come to a conviction for her protest action on television.

Human rights organizations were concerned about the fate of Ovshannikova. According to the law that makes it punishable to spread โ€œfalse informationโ€ about the war in Ukraine, she can be jailed for up to 15 years.