Russians come up with their own ‘Rolls Royce’

In Russia, the production of an extra luxurious car that may be called the Russian Rolls Royce began on Monday. President Vladimir Putin is a promoter of the project and the โ€œAurus Senat luxury sedanโ€ in the simplest version is already going to cost many millions of rubles, converted over 200,000 euros. Simple versions of the limousine have been around for several years and Putin drove it himself during his inauguration as president in 2018


but the new luxury Aurus Senat is the crรจme de la crรจme of the Russian automotive industry, which is generally still facing image problems. However, the Aurus Senat does not seem to have a major influence on this industry or on the Russian fleet, because this year, according to the Minister of Industry Denis Mantoerov, at most 300.

At the time of the Soviet Union, the leaders drove in black limousines of the old car and truck factory ZIL, but there are allegedly only two of them left in the Kremlin garages. The factory closed its doors in 2013 after almost a hundred years. Russian leader Boris Yeltsin (1931-2007) introduced Mercedes-Benz limousines in the Kremlin. But that time is over with the Aurus Senat.