Rust authors update injury system

Developers from Facepunch Studios released an update for the survival simulator Rust. The main innovation has been the updated wound system. Now most injuries bring players into a state where they can slowly crawl and use doors.

They will also have a little more health. In their former incapacitated state, players will be caught if they start searching in a new state, if they die from a high altitude fall or if they crawl too deep in the water.

In both states, players will still have a chance to recover once the timer expires. However, the chance now increases depending on how hunger and thirst are quenched.

In addition, if the chance of recovery does not work, players will recover a large first aid kit if they have it on belt (not just in inventory). The first aid kit will not restore health and will not work after falling from high altitude.

Voice Props DLC set with tape recorder, megaphone, audio cassettes, phone and other items was also available for the game. which allow you to record, broadcast, and play sound.

In addition, there are disk-style accessories in the set of players. Until July 8, Rust can be bought on Steam at 50% discount for 362 rubles.

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