Rust came out on consoles

Double Eleven has announced the release of the console edition of the post-apocalyptic survival Rust. The popular game first appeared outside its native platform, RS, and Rust Console Edition is available on Xbox One and Playstation 4. Rust Console Edition differs from the older version, the game Designed for crossplay between Xbox and Playstation consoles and optimized for set-top boxes and gamepads.

In Rust players find themselves alone on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island dotted with dilapidated industrial buildings. One hundred players have to decide how to survive in a world where everyone wants their death.

For survival, all the ways are good: you can fight or make friendships, weave deceit or build trade. Someone will build a modest hut in the woods, someone will build a fortress, and someone will scraft the weapon and come to destroy these buildings.

The original Rust came out in 2013, and the studio Facepunch still supports and updates the game. More on Ghomania In PUBG: New State Showed Down Drone Leak: Age of Empires 4 Beta Tests and Eight New Civilizations Step-by-Step Bagel The Last Spell is released June 3.