Rust creators lost a lot of player data due to burnt servers

The makers of Rust from Facepunch Studios announced they had lost a huge chunk of European players‘ data due to a server fire in French Strasbourg. The fire lasted about six hours, after which firefighters managed to bring the situation under control. As the VGC notes with reference to Les Derniรจres Nouvelles d’Alsace, many French sites became inaccessible shortly after the ignition, which eventually destroyed one of the 5-storey data centers with an area of 500 square meters.

A second building was also affected. โ€œWe confirm the total loss of impaled European servers during the fire in the data center.

We are considering options for replacing servers, but the data simply cannot be restored,โ€ the creators of Rust. It is not yet known what data was eventually affected, but after the new servers are enabled, some of the playersprogress may be lost.

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