Ruto wins Kenyan presidential election, announcement fights

Kenyan Vice President William Ruto has won the presidential election in Kenya. This was announced by the chairman of the electoral commission. Kenyans went to the polls last Tuesday to elect a new president. Ruto competed against opposition leader Raila Odinga.

The results took days to come, and there was also a delay today. At noon Dutch time, the winner would be announced in the election hall in Nairobi, but two hours later, supporters of both candidates were still waiting in the hall. Police officers, international observers, diplomats and journalists were also present.

At one point, a chaotic situation arose, with physical upheavals between supporters of both presidential candidates. Dozens of attendees tried to prevent the results from being announced, says correspondent Saskia Houttuin, who was present in the hall. โ€œChairs were thrown and people fist with each other.โ€

These battles arose when it became clear that there was division within the electoral commission over the results, which some members of the electoral commission called opaque. The vice-chairman therefore rejected the results, like three other committee members.

Watch images of the upheavals in the election hall below:

The chairman of the electoral committee finally announced the results, with Ruto as the winner. Ruto himself was also present in the results hall, says Houttuin.

Opponent Odinga wasn‘t there. He disputes the election results, possibly going to court to challenge Ruto’s win.