Rutte: employer must make efforts to help employee find new job

The government wants to take a serious look at the PvdA‘s plan to give a job guarantee to employees of companies that receive coronas support from the government. According to PvdA leader Asscher, if the company concerned can no longer pay an employee itself, the management must be responsible for ensuring that that person can work elsewhere.

On the second day of the General Political Considerations, Prime Minister Rutte said that he thinks a hard guarantee goes too far, but he does agree that in situations like this, employers should do their utmost to help workers find new jobs.

That is why the Cabinet is thinking more about a ‘best effort obligation‘ for the employer, with government support. Rutte would like to discuss this with the social partners. Next week, the Chamber will debate the conditions for the new support package for companies affected by the corona crisis. This issue will then be discussed further.

Investments and care salaries

In the debate, Rutte defended the Cabinet’s plan to have entrepreneurs deduct a percentage of the investments made from wage tax in certain cases. The opposition is strongly critical of this; according to a number of parties, it is unclear who exactly benefits from the deduction and the risk of abuse is high. The opposition would prefer the money to be used to permanently increase salaries in the health care sector.

Rutte then said that the corona crisis has meant that companies are investing far less than usual and that the deduction is intended precisely to encourage investment. That is good for employment, emphasised the Prime Minister. He disputed the view that the cabinet is mainly helping businesses. If you add up all the measures taken by this cabinet, including the investment deduction, businesses will lose a total of EUR 5 billion, and citizens have actually been given a reduction of EUR 5 billion, Rutte was counting on.

With regard to care, he said that money has been set aside to increase salaries next year, quite apart from the EUR 500 bonus that care staff will receive.

The Prime Minister went on to say that he would like to talk again about the landlord levy. The left-wing opposition wants that tax for housing corporations to be further reduced or abolished altogether. That would leave money to build more houses and reduce rents, they say. In the Millions Memorandum, the cabinet announced that the levy would be reduced by EUR 200 million. Rutte did not make any firm commitments, but would like to take another look at it.