Rutte: Afghans not automatically moved to the Netherlands

The evacuations from Afghanistan should be โ€œresumed as soon as possibleโ€, and Afghans on the list to be evacuated like interpreters should be in safety as soon as possible. Prime Minister Rutte said that in Paris where he‘s visiting President Macron.

Afghans who are moving to a neighbouring country can’t automatically assume that they can come to the Netherlands directly from there, says Rutte: โ€œThat needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis.โ€ According to him, it depends on the background of the people and whether they are on that list.

โ€œThe most important thing is that they‘re in safety. If they’re from Afghanistan, they‘re safe at least,โ€ Rutte said:

Prime Minister Rutte wants to work closely with France, Germany, England, Italy and other European countries during the evacuations.

The consultation with Macron also deals with how to prevent a large flow of refugees from Afghanistan. โ€œThe last thing you want is a repeat of 2015 and 2016, with the Syrian refugee crisis. So everyone is highly motivated to avoid that.โ€ That is why there is also consultations between European Asylum Ministers and Justice, says Rutte.

In order to prevent a refugee flow, it is important to ensure stability in Afghanistan, according to the Prime Minister. โ€œThat’s why it‘s also important that we talk to countries like Qatar and Pakistan, which have an impact in Afghanistan.โ€ Demissionary Foreign Minister Kaag goes to the region for consultations. Her German colleague Maas is also in that area.

Possible Talking to Taliban

To get people out of Afghanistan safely, Rutte says it’s inevitable for the Netherlands to talk to the Taliban. France and the US are already in consultation with the radical Islamic movement. โ€œIt has to be under strict conditions,โ€ he says.

That‘s how he doesn’t want to recognize the Taliban and he wants to keep those conversations very business. โ€œIt has to be very precisely focused on getting rid of the people who need our protection.โ€

Who are the Taliban and what do they stand for? Watch it in this video: