Rutte after talking with Zelensky: The Netherlands sends heavier equipment

The Netherlands is sending heavier defence equipment to Ukraine in connection with the renewed Russian attacks, reports Prime Minister Rutte on Twitter. At least its about armored vehicles. โ€œWith allies, we are looking at the delivery of additional heavier equipment,โ€ says Rutte.

Rutte and Minister of Defence Ollongren made the commitment to Ukrainian President Zelensky in a phone call today. Ollongren: โ€œThe war in Ukraine is entering a new phase as Putin has started the offensive in the Donbas. We will continue to support Ukraine.โ€

Since the beginning of the war, the Netherlands has contributed to the defence of Ukraine. The cabinet, like other countries, makes little exact announcements about what is being delivered, so as not to play Russia in the hands. The House of Representatives is regularly updated confidentially.

Dutch deliveries

The Dutch deliveries started with lighter weapons and resources such as sniper rifles with ammunition, combat helmets, shard vests, radars and detectors for detecting ground mines and sea mines. Later, 200 Stinger air target missiles were also sent to the country, 50 anti-tank weapons with 400 missiles, vehicles, combat rations, sleeping bags and laptops.