Rutte: Amalia can also become queen if she marries a woman

The cabinet believes that Princess Amalia should not part with the throne in the event that she would like to marry a woman. Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte answers to questions from the VVD and the PvdA that he sees no precluding a law of consent for a marriage of a crown prince or princess to a person of the same sex.

The questions follow the publication of the book of Amalia, the duty calls. In it, royal house expert Peter Rehwinkel discusses the hypothesis that the princess will have to give up the throne if she wanted to marry someone of the same sex. He refers to then Prime Minister Kok, who replied to Parliamentary questions in 2000 that a problem arises with the heredity of the kingship, which would result in the abandonment of the throne.

But Rutte is now abandoning that cabinet position:

When asked whether the children from such a marriage also qualify for the throne, Rutte does not answer. The Constitution states that the head of state must be succeeded by a โ€œlawful offspring.โ€ The PvdA wanted to know whether they include children born from same-sex marriages or who were adopted or conceived through a seed donor or surrogate mother.

Discuss by Consent Act

According to Rutte, the purpose of the provisions in the Constitution is clear who the kingship is transferring to in order to provide security of State law. Todays family law is scouring that.

He points out that the First and House of Representatives can dwell on the issue when Princess Amalia asks for permission for her marriage. โ€œIt is not appropriate to anticipate such a weighting right now. This is too dependent on the facts and circumstances of the particular case, which, as you can see back at family law, can change over time.โ€