Rutte and Kaag are silent after visiting informer

VVD leader Rutte and D66 leader Kaag spoke together for over an hour and a half with Informer Hamer. Afterwards, they didnt want to say anything about the content. โ€œIt was a good conversation, but well leave it at that,โ€ the duo said unanimously.

It was the second time that the informer had invited the two winners of the elections together. Last time was ten days ago.

Third eye

This week Hamer is discussing who could form a new cabinet with whom. โ€œIm going to turn on my third eye,โ€ she said last Friday after a week in which she talked to clusters of party leaders about recovery and transition policy after corona.

Tomorrow afternoon Kaag will visit again, this time together with CDA leader Hoekstra. Next Sunday, Hamer has to come up with her final report. It states which other major themes need to be worked out for a coalition agreement on the main lines. It also includes which parties want to negotiate with each other.