Rutte apologizes for error of assessment coronavirus eases

Prime Minister Rutte acknowledges that the government made a mistake of assessment with the rapid easing of late June. โ€œWhat we thought could could not be.โ€ He apologizes for that.

Rutte also apologizes for last Friday‘s โ€œbad press conferenceโ€. โ€œYou asked for reflection from us,โ€ he told a number of journalists. โ€œAnd it was unfair that we didn’t give it.โ€

According to Rutte, Minister De Jonge and he were too busy with the tightening of measures in the run-up to the press conference and were therefore unprepared. โ€œIt just went really fast.โ€

Look at the excuses of Rutte and De Jonge here:

The two councillers announced new corona-virus measures on Friday due to the heavily accumulated infection rates. At the same time, they waved away the criticism that the cabinet had relaxed too quickly in June. They remained that with the knowledge and low contagion figures back then, the choices were justified.

Today De Jonge said that the cabinet did learn something. โ€œIn unknown terrain, we have to take the certainty more often.โ€

The cabinet has also become wiser in terms of access tests, De Jonge said. โ€œThis has been tested in a controlled environment, but it has been applied in an uncontrolled environment.โ€ Many of the infections have occurred in the hospitality industry lately.

Spirit in the bottle

fact that admission tickets for nightclubs were available immediately after a single shot with the Janssen vaccine or immediately after a second shot of Pfizer or Moderna, De Jonge also called an error of assessment. Meanwhile, you have to wait two weeks after full vaccination to get an admission ticket.

Rutte assumes that the ghost will be back in the bottle and corona figures will fall. โ€œThe Netherlands is a wise country.โ€ On Wednesday there is a parliamentary debate on the rising figures, the Chamber will return from recess.