Rutte at the beginning crucial Council of Ministers: now no reflections

Today, the Cabinet is talking about a response to the devastating report of the parliamentary interrogation committee on the payment affair. In The Hague, there is a fairly general expectation that the Cabinet will subsequently announce its resignation, although yesterday nobody wanted to speculate on this in public.

Before the start of the Council of Ministers, VVD Prime Minister Rutte replied to the question whether it would be exciting that he would like to have a discussion in the cabinet before he comes up with all sorts of reflections. Today, the Cabinet is looking not only at the political question, but also at a substantive response to the committees hard report.

Missionary on corona

Deputy Prime Minister De Jonge (CDA) said that there is a serious report that calls for a response that does justice to that. But he also stressed that we are now going to discuss this in the Council of Ministers.

Like Rutte earlier this week, De Jonge said that the approach to the coronacrisis will continue anyway, regardless of the outcome of todays cabinet deliberations. โ€œThe approach to the crisis naturally requires a cabinet that is sufficiently capable to deal with the crisis. De facto it must be that you are missionary on corona.โ€

To do political justice

Other directors also stressed before the Council of Ministers that they would first consult in the Cabinet. Deputy Prime Minister Schouten (Christian Unie) spoke of a penetrating report. โ€œIn addition to satisfaction, political justice must also be done,โ€ she added.

Minister and D66 leader Kaag believes that there should be a political response to โ€œthe injustice that has been done to parents and their children, and the lives that have been destroyed. Thats more than just compensation.โ€ She added that a break is needed โ€œwith what could have taken place quietly for yearsโ€. Kaag also said that she did figure out what consequences would fit.