Rutte, Clover, Ploumen: situation in formation is complex

The situation in the cabinet formation is complex, say the leaders of VVD, GroenLinks and PvdA, Rutte, Klaver and Ploumen. They spoke shortly before with Informer Hamer. Hamer talks this week, in ever-changing compositions, with political leaders.

This morning she first met Rutte, CDA leader Hoekstra and Christian leader Segers. And then Rutte was the turn again, then together with Klaver and Ploumen.

Rutte, Klaver and Ploumen said that Hamer asked them not to let go of much more than that the situation is complicated.

Segers: Rehabilitation Policy separate from who with whom

Segers was made of dust longer this morning. He said he‘d like to speak on recovery policy. According to him, the demissionary cabinet should take the lead and consult with more parties in the Chamber. โ€œDon’t let who goes with who walk through it,โ€ he added.

Segers reiterated that the main responsibility for the formation of a new cabinet lies with the largest parties. He sees no ‘quick scenario in which the Christian Union looms up as an interlocutor. ‘

The Christian Union foreman hopes that the informer will soon come up with an opinion which parties will negotiate with each other and will decide options. โ€œWe keep spinning a bit in circles,โ€ he said.

Another report this week?

Tomorrow Hamer will receive a number of political leaders separately. Then she talks to Ploumen, Segers, Clover and Kaag in succession. The informer is supposed to report on its work by Sunday. It has been instructed by the Court to seek political agreement on recovery policy, to identify other issues to be worked out for a general government agreement and to investigate which parties are willing to negotiate.

In The Hague it is taken into account that Hamer will not be ready at the end of this week. It seems that for the formation there are five to six parties: VVD, D66, CDA, PvdA, GroenLinks and Christenunie.