Rutte: credibility Grapperhaus not at stake

Prime Minister Rutte acknowledges that things went wrong at Minister Grapperhaus’ wedding, but he doesn’t think the minister‘s credibility is at stake.

“For me, credibility is about facing up to the fact that something is not going well. That’s what Ferd Grapperhaus did. Things have gone wrong, that’s obvious. But he’s expressed regret.”

Grapperhaus expressed regret yesterday. According to him, the whole wedding day tried to observe the rules as much as possible, but occasionally things went wrong and it shouldn’t have been like that.


Watch back here how Rutte reacted when he was asked about the credibility of Grapperhaus:

Same as at Albert Heijn

Secretary of State Broekers-Knol, who officiated at the wedding last weekend, also said he regrets the state of affairs this morning.

Broekers-Knol says she kept “as much distance as possible” herself. According to her, the image can be a bit distorted here and there. But that things can go wrong from time to time, you can also see when you go shopping, she says. “It’s just like at Albert Heijn, a lady wants to be in the same closet and suddenly she walks past you. That happens.”

Watch back here what Secretary of State Broekers-Knol said:

So yesterday the minister apologized. But he doesn’t think his credibility is at stake and he wants to continue with his policies and the corona measures.

Look here at Minister Grapperhaus’ expression of regret:

Minister Grapperhaus has by now paid twice the coronation fine of 390 euros to the Red Cross as a penance for his wife and himself