Rutte: curfew maybe a little later, but not after 21.00

If you want to introduce curfew effectively, it should start somewhere between 8:00 and 9:00. That was what demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said in the Chamber debate on the corona measures.

There are many questions in the Chamber about the time when curfew should start. The Cabinet proposed 20.30 yesterday, but many MPs want to shift it to later in the evening. Among others D66 Group Chairman Jetten, who hitherto opposed the curfew, asked about this possibility. According to him, this would also increase the support for the measure in society. Rutte said it might be โ€œa little laterโ€, but not later than 21.00 hours.

The main reason that the demissionary cabinet now wants to introduce curfew is the concern that afterwards it turns out that there has been no intervention on time and that the intensive departments are again overloaded. The Cabinet is very concerned about the British variant of the coronavirus. โ€œAnd we also want to offer perspective.โ€

Nobodys waiting for it

Rutte stressed that many infections occur at home and that curfew should reduce that number. He said that the effect is really significant, although you can never accurately quantify it. โ€œNo one is waiting for it, but all the experts say you have to do this.โ€ Rutte now wants to apply the curfew for two weeks and โ€œput him back in the garbage binโ€ as soon as possible. But he cannot guarantee that the curfew will actually disappear again.

Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus added that the Cabinet has legal authority to introduce curfew without the assent of the Chamber. But its not going to. Grapperhaus also said that people who have to pass an already planned exam after the start of curfew and travel for that reason can do so. Yesterday the Cabinet also reported the exception rule for exams, but later it was withdrawn.

PVV leader Wilders, who is fighting fiercely against the introduction of a curfew, called the Prime Ministers motivation โ€œpoverty trump trumpโ€. According to him, there are many alternatives to the measure and curfew is disproportionate. Wilders said that flights from the UK should have been banned much earlier. On that last point others joined him.

In the debate, Rutte promised the Chamber that the Cabinet will try to put more pressure on employers to make their employees really work at home if they can. The inspection will also visit companies more frequently and it will also look at whether companies where there are cluster outburs can be closed. The Chamber is very concerned about the fact that there are companies that force workers to come to the workplace despite the corona measures.