Rutte expects short-term breakthrough in formation but doesnt want to speculate

VVD leader Rutte expects a breakthrough in the faltering cabinet formation in the short term, possibly even next week. In the CCEit broadcast on Prinsjesdag, he said that the formation is long, but is also complex. โ€œBut its important that there is a missionary cabinet as soon as possible.โ€

Whether it could come to a minority or majority cabinet, Rutte didnt want to say. โ€œIm not going to speculate what direction the breakthrough is going.โ€ Last weekend VVD, D66 and CDA were sitting together on a Hilversum estate, but that being together did not lead to a breakthrough.

Rutte also responded to yesterdays Ipsos survey, which showed that citizens confidence in politics has fallen sharply, and that the demissionary Prime Minister is also lacking.

โ€œI understand those people very well,โ€ he said, โ€œits an incentive for me to do better.โ€ It โ€œtouches his sense of responsibility,โ€ but he doesnt want to dwell on it too long. โ€œWe have to fix it.โ€

Rutte on declining trust:

According to Rutte, the relations between the party leaders are good, despite reports on the contrary. โ€œIn the coming time, we have to show that were not bickering down the street.โ€

That should be shown tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, if the General Political Reflections are in the House of Representatives. Rutte had the plan to agree with opposition parties in advance about additional investments in the budget for next year, but PvdA and GroenLinks said yesterday they dont want to. They will come up with proposals in the debate themselves.

Money is available

Rutte said he respected that. โ€œLets see how things go in the debate.โ€ According to him, most parties actually agree on certain budget adjustments. He is willing to use EUR 1 billion, which was actually meant for business, for that purpose.

Rutte sees solving the climate and nitrogen problems as the biggest challenges for the coming years. He thinks it takes tens of billions to do so. โ€œBut the special thing about this time is that money is available.โ€ Thats why he thinks politics can agree on that too.