Rutte: from home placement fees children ‘find out exactly ‘

Prime Minister Rutte wants to see exactly what is going on with the removal of more than a thousand children of the surcharge affair. He responds to the study conducted by the Central Statistical Office (CBS) which shows that an estimated 1115 children have been removed from home in the period 2015-2020.

โ€œIt‘s a serious message. The cabinet is going to figure out exactly what it’s doing,โ€ said Rutte, who is at a European summit in Brussels. โ€œAnyway, the whole file of the child benefit affair is terrible from a to z.โ€

See Rutte‘s entire response in this video, who didn’t want to respond to the question at first:

The CBS came out with the investigation on Tuesday, commenting that only the number of stay-away placements had been looked at in the period from 2015, the year the Youth Bill entered and figures were kept. The childcare allowance affair has been in place since 2004 and several MPs reacted with concern to the figures and want to clarify, among other things, the extent to which outhome placements could have been avoided.

Minister Dekker for Legal Protection today announced in a letter to the Chamber that the actual number of shelters may be higher. A total of 50,000 children of surcharge parents are registered.

Forced, not voluntary

The CBS has only looked at the forced outplacements and not the voluntary relocations. The CBS report does not report whether the home placements are the result of the surcharge affair or if there are other causes. To find out what the causes are, according to the service, more research is needed.

Minister Dekker writes that it would be โ€œterribleโ€ if the problems of child allowance parents have played a role in the stay-out placements.


Dekker promises help and support to all parents and children in the letter. The children who are affected can apply for financial compensation from an Actual Damage Committee. It was already announced in summer that children are also eligible for financial compensation. Exact amounts are not known yet. The House of Representatives is thinking of amounts between 2000 and 10,000 euros.

Municipalities will see if โ€œrestoring the family situationโ€ is desirable and possible. But in the end, a judge has to consider that as well. There needs to be a national hotline where parents and children who have to deal with a home placement can ask questions.

A number of parties say they still have a lot of unanswered questions. The ChristenUnie, SP, the CDA and MP Omtzigt want the state government to ensure that the national hotline also works well and that the victims are quickly helped.

In addition, these parties want clarification on, among other things, the shelters before 2015, the compensation for damages and the number of children who have left home voluntarily due to home surcharge problems.

What exactly happened in the surcharge affair? CCeit at 3 explains in this video: