Rutte gloomy: possible only mid-May eases

Prime Minister Rutte says that corona measures may not be relaxed until the second week of May. โ€œWere not going to do irresponsible things.โ€ Next weekend there will be another Catshuis meeting and if the figures do not show a decreasing trend, the date of 28 April will be deleted again.

According to him, the dates mentioned so far – first 21 April and then 28 April – are always โ€œin pencilโ€ in the agenda and can also be removed.

โ€œ We look at it from week to week and the situation in the hospitals is decisive,โ€ said Rutte this morning. โ€œIf April 28th is not possible, it will be May 3rd or 6th. And otherwise the next date is May 13.โ€

Terraces open

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister and Minister De Jonge presented an extensive opening plan. It states that, if the situation permits, the curfew will end on 28 April and that on that date the terraces can be reopened under conditions. There would also be an extension of the opening up of retail trade.

D66-MP Paternotte thinks that the magic with data does not benefit the clarity.

The same applies to MP Chick of the PvdA, who shares a tweet of a communication strategy:

According to Rutte, there are 160,000 people out there who can transmit the virus. โ€œThese are as many contagious as during the first wave. So really a lot.โ€ In addition, there are about 800 people with corona in intensive care, while between 1100 and 1200 are ic beds. โ€œI want to make sure that if you or I have a car accident or a heart attack, which I hope not, we can also get an ic spot.โ€

Rutte thinks that the numbers next weekend will not suddenly fall very much, โ€œbut you want to see if the new influx is fallingโ€. Whether that will be the case, he does not dare to say. โ€œThats like predicting the weatherโ€, Im not going to do that.โ€