Rutte hopes: new cabinet with ‘more elan’ for Christmas

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte hopes that there will be a new cabinet for Christmas, โ€œwith more urgeโ€ than the current one. Thats what he said as party leader at the VVD Congress. โ€œIt has to be a completely different cabinet, with a different look.โ€

The Prime Minister answered questions from VVD members at the digital congress. He said that the current outgoing cabinet took office in 2017 with the task of โ€œgetting the Netherlands out of the economic recession strongerโ€.

Now the situation is very different, he said. There are big themes on the table, including the climate. According to Rutte, the negotiating parties at the formation table have the ambition to bring about โ€œa real transformationโ€ in this area.

โ€œZoom buzz partyโ€

There is also a change in terms of climate discussion within the party. MEP Nagtegaal said in the digital VVD meeting that his party is no longer a car party: โ€œWe become the buzzing party of the pious party.โ€

Rutte said that there is no coalition agreement for Sinterklaas next week. โ€œAnd for Christmas? I hope so wholeheartedly.โ€ The outgoing Prime Minister thinks there should be a new team as soon as possible, but he doesnt think its strange that negotiations are still under way.

โ€œThe fact is that we took a long time to determine who wanted to form a government with whom. But once you know that, its not surprising that you need more than eight weeks to make appointments.โ€ On September 30, two months ago, it was decided that VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie wanted to continue together.


Rutte also spoke about corona at the VVD congress. Just like yesterday at the press conference, he held hands in his own bosom. โ€œApparently, I dont succeed enough to convince people to adhere to the basic rules,โ€ he said.

When asked if he would speak out more strongly about unvaccinated people if he wasnt Prime Minister, he replied: โ€œI think I would have moved on. But the point is, I cant even say that here.โ€

He wants to prevent unvaccinated people from abandonment. โ€œYou have to make sure that you keep bringing people and that theyre not going to think: why should I get vaccinated?โ€

Corona minister De Jonge sometimes goes further in his statements about unvaccinated persons. โ€œIt may be a little less capable of holding back,โ€ said the Prime Minister. โ€œBut we think the same way.โ€

This morning, party chairman Van der Wal said at the VVD congress that the party wants to set a limit on donors donations. These should not exceed 100,000 euros.