Rutte: Hungarian anti-gay law is terrible and unacceptable

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte mentions Hungarian law which, according to Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán, regulates a ban on gay promotion really unacceptable.

The new law prohibits books and films with a homosexual character or advertisements showing gays or transgender people from now on. The Hungarian government says young people want to protect against information about homosexuality and gender reassignment.

Horrible, Rutte calls this. If Europe, besides a market and currency, is also a value community, and we all think it is, then it cannot be true that in the European Union a country does something like Hungarians do now.

This will be discussed in the European Council this Thursday, says Rutte, who points out that the European Commission has already launched proceedings against Hungary.

The EU already announced how to impose sanctions on Hungary. According to EU Commissioner Helena Dalli, the new law violates the values of the European Union.

Rutte agrees:

The Dutch Team will play the first game after the group round of the European Championships in Budapest. Rutte doesnt think the Orange players should make a statement. Keep the sport, keep the athletes out of it, says Rutte, who protest finds a task for politics.

Rainbow Protest at EK Contest

The Munich City Council aims to illuminate the Allianz Arena where Hungary and Germany meet in rainbow colours on Wednesday.

The City Council wants Mayor Dieter Reiter to lobby UEFA to get the proposal through it. It is a visible expression of solidarity to the Hungarian lhbti community, which is suffering from homophobic and transphobic legislation, the Council said.