Rutte is deeply ashamed of overcrowded asylum reception

Prime Minister Rutte says he is โ€œdeeply ashamedโ€ of the reception of asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The asylum seekers centers are crowded with refugees waiting for a home. In the Ter Apel registration center, asylum seekers slept outside for a night this week due to a shortage of beds. โ€œThis is extremely bad. You can see that the asylum chain is completely overstretched,โ€ says the Prime Minister about the acute shortage of reception places.

Rutte thinks that municipalities should somehow be forced to arrange reception for the asylum seekers. โ€œForms of more coercion will be inevitable,โ€ said the Prime Minister at his weekly press conference. โ€œWe havent quite figured it out yet. Its a complicated quest and it also has consequences if you do that.โ€ About 13,000 asylum places are needed, says Rutte.

For months, there has been talk about forcing municipalities to offer reception places and living space for status holders, who are now occupying the asylum centers. Mayors and commissioners of the king insisted on this in March by Secretary of State Van der Burg.


Van der Burg didnt think it was a good idea at the time and wanted to talk โ€œthe blisters on his tongueโ€ to convince municipalities with arguments. The conversations are difficult. The Secretary of State is also looking for a second application center like in Ter Apel, but there is little enthusiasm for that.

Next week, Van der Burg may come up with more clarity about forcing municipalities. Consideration is being given to placing status holders in buildings of the Central Government Real Estate Company. These mainly former prisons, police stations, courts and other buildings are located in numerous municipalities throughout the Netherlands. But the problem turns out to be that they are not immediately suitable for habitation.


is now no legal basis for forcing municipalities, so there will have to be a law that must be dealt with by the House of Representatives and Senate. That takes time. The problem is not only that municipalities do not want to receive asylum seekers, Rutte emphasizes. According to him, there is a major problem in the housing market. โ€œIt also has to do with a lack of homes in the Netherlands at all.โ€

Prime Minister Rutte does not understand that municipalities are willing to receive refugees from Ukraine and not asylum seekers. โ€œI make a call not to make that distinction.โ€