Rutte is silent about his cabinets chances of survival

Prime Minister Mark Rutte remained silent on Thursday night about his cabinets chances of survival. Due to the payment affair, the coalition of VVD, CDA, D66 and ChristenUnie is under heavy pressure.

โ€œ On Friday we will talk again about the substantive response to the report on the surcharges, and then I suspect the political question will also be raised,โ€ said the Prime Minister. He did not want to anticipate the outcome of the Council of Ministers.

PVDA leader Lodewijk Asscher stepped out earlier in the day. He was Minister of Social Affairs in the previous cabinet and was closely involved in the payment affair. The Prime Minister did not want to say whether Asschers departure increases the pressure on the Cabinet to leave prematurely.

Thousands of parents have been wrongly identified by the Tax Administration as fraudsters. A parliamentary committee came up with a very harsh opinion on the affair. The Cabinet has already discussed a substantive response to the report on several occasions.

Friday, that reaction comes out in a long letter. More openness towards the Chamber is promised there. It is also about tackling discrimination and change in implementing bodies. It also addresses the question of how victims can be helped further. The governments plans will cost hundreds of million euros, report initiates.