Rutte IV cabinet almost round: ‘Confessed faces in real new team’

More and more names of the members of the new cabinet are coming out. Officially, the list of 29 new ministers will be announced on Sunday, but sources in The Hague are already confirming a number of names. This happens after it became known this morning which ministries the coalition parties VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie received.

A striking newcomer is scientist Robbert Dijkgraaf, who becomes minister for Education, Culture and Science for D66. Dijkgraaf studied theoretical physics, has been president of the KNAW and is committed to making science accessible, including in TV programs. He is director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, USA.

Furthermore, names of VVD people and the Christian Union are mainly fixed. VVD MP Mark Harbers will be the new Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. Also sure is newcomer and VVD party chairman Christianne van der Wal, who will be minister for Nature & Nitrogen. Dilan YeลŸilgรถz goes to Justice and Security, she was Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Climate.

More VVD women than men

Dennis Wiersma becomes minister for primary and secondary education. He is now a demissionary Secretary of State for Social Affairs and was a Member of Parliament before that. MP Micky Adriaansens becomes Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate. She comes from consulting firm TwynstraGudde, where she is director.

Another newcomer is care director Conny Helder, who becomes minister for long-term care and sports. MEP Liesje Schreinemacher becomes Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.

VVD MP Aukje de Vries becomes Secretary of State Supplements and Customs. Eric van der Burg, former alderman from Amsterdam, gets the position of Secretary of State Asylum and Migration and succeeds Ankie Broekers-Knol. And the Brabant deputy Christophe van der Maat comes as Secretary of State on Defence.

From the VVD, there are more women than men in the cabinet. There will be five female and three male ministers and one female and two male secretaries of state.

Youngest government

The Christian Union has released the names in a press release. Deputy from Groningen Henk Staghouwer becomes Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. He is already engaged in agriculture and fishing and will have to reduce the herd. The youngest administrator is Maarten van Ooijen, who becomes Secretary of State Youth and Prevention. He is 31 years old and now alderman in Utrecht.

And as expected, Carola Schouten, who has been Minister of Agriculture in recent years, becomes Minister for Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions.

Here are the new faces in the cabinet that will fill a ministerial post:

But there is no certainty about a number of important posts at the CDA and D66 in particular. The current Minister of Health, Hugo de Jonge (CDA), is named by sources as the new Minister of Housing and Spatial Planning. It is a new position in the cabinet and the person has to deal with housing need. โ€œIt‘s 90 percent sure. But a shift to the Ministry of Social Affairs could also beโ€, it is said.

New department

Several sources think that there is a good chance that CDA leader Hoekstra will become Minister of Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, D66 leader Kaag would become Minister of Finance and take over this place from Hoekstra. MP Rob Jetten may be going to Climate and Energy and Minister of Interior Kajsa Ollongren is probably going to be Minister of Defence.

Hans Vijlbrief (D66), now Secretary of State Finance, becomes Secretary of State for Mining and will deal with the earthquake damage in Groningen.

Ernst Kuipers (D66), the chairman of the Rotterdam Erasmus MC and chairman of the National Network Acute Care, would become Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. But that’s not sure yet.

10 January on signs

Several people do not return from the Rutte III cabinet team. Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus announced this morning that he is calling it quits. Secretary of State Knops, who has said he has energy to continue, does not return either.

It was already known that Sander Dekker (VVD), Ingrid van Engelshoven (D66), Paul Blokhuis (ChristenUnie) and Arie Slob (ChristenUnie) will not continue. Wouter Koolmees (D66) and Stef Blok (VVD) had also announced their departure.

After the cabinet became a missionary, Stientje van Veldhoven (D66) and Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (VVD) already left for a new job. This morning it became known how the ministerial posts were divided between the four parties that will form the cabinet.

Formateur Rutte will start discussions with the candidate leaders on Monday. It is expected that it will take four days. 10January, the new cabinet must be on the boards with the king.