Rutte IV can start, enough confidence in House of Representatives

Rutte IV can get started. After two days of debate in the House of Representatives, there are sufficient parties who have confidence in the elaboration of the plans from the coalition agreement.

Exactly how that is going to happen should turn out in the coming period: many of the plans – according to the wishes of the House of Representatives – are written down in general and are still being worked out. In the past two days, major problems for the cabinet have therefore remained out.

However, a number of changes have been made and commitments that the House wanted in advance. For example, the cabinet must come up with proposals in the coming months to improve the purchasing power of older people in particular. It looks like those numbers are disappointing.

Various motions were adopted on this subject, both from coalition parties and the opposition. Prime Minister Rutte has pledged to look at the purchasing power of different groups of citizens. โ€œBut I cant give any guarantees. Were really going to look at that very precisely.โ€

A little less strict

The plans to solve climate and nitrogen issues for 60 billion euro were still little criticism. Some of the opposition parties are happy that the cabinet is spending so much money. As GroenLinks leader Klaver said: โ€œSuch amounts and ambitions. Who can object to that?โ€

Although there are also parties who are afraid that the national debt is going up too much. In any case, the House has stated in motions that it wants to be closely involved by the cabinet in spending these billion dollar budgets.

Rutte isnt afraid of that. He does recognize that the cabinet is a little less strict with public finances. But according to him, there will also be room in the coming years to take a blow ร  la corona.

โ€œIll stay hereโ€

The real debates about the plans are yet to come. No matter how they run: one thing Rutte wanted to say: he plans to finish this term as Prime Minister.

โ€œI have no ambitions to do anything in Brussels or in Washington or anywhere else. I like it too much here, I have energy and plans. I hear some sigh: when is he hoops up now… But no, Ill stay here.โ€

Political reporter Arjan Noorlander van Nieuwsuur also followed the debate today, with special attention to the so often promised new administrative culture: