Rutte IV sees each other live for the first time, makes ‘a lot of sense ‘and wants to ‘get to work’

โ€œWe are now going to work,โ€ says the upcoming VVD Minister Yesilgรถz of Justice and Security when she leaves the Ministry of General Affairs. D66 Minister Ollongren โ€œmakes a lot of senseโ€ to go to Defence. Her party mate climate minister Jetten says that โ€œeveryone likes to get startedโ€.

CDA leader Hoeksta likes the fact that the cabinet is now โ€œreally going to workโ€. De Jonge says that he wants to โ€œget startedโ€ as Minister of Housing, because that is a โ€œtough jobโ€. And his successor to public health Kuipers calls it a โ€œbig challengeโ€ to now be responsible for the corona policy himself. After the founding meeting of the fourth Rutte Cabinet, the forthcoming ministers had little news to report.

Curious about the what and how of the constituent deliberation?


After the so-called constituent deliberation – say the founding meeting of a new cabinet – the message was clear: the new ministerial team is especially keen to implement the coalition agreement with each other. The word โ€œtogetherโ€ several upcoming ministers also dropped at the end of the official deliberation, which lasted more than an hour.


past week everyone has been at formateur Rutte separately, but now they are seeing each other in the flesh for the first time. โ€œIt was nice to see each other live for the first time,โ€ noted Kuipers, boss of the Erasmus MC and chairman of the National Network Acute Care until a few days ago.

A number of ministers kept it on this short โ€œI feel like itโ€ interview. A number of ministers wanted to look ahead a little bit. The D66 Minister Dijkgraaf just out of quarantine stressed that teachers, teachers, researchers and students had a difficult time. โ€œWe‘re going to find the way forward.โ€ The physicist does not want to teach the first time, but first learn. โ€œI’m going to talk first.โ€

A transition was his hasty departure from the United States. โ€œI feel like a little chick that just got out of the egg.โ€

Corona poverty

Kuipers does not have time to talk first, because he must immediately start working this week on whether or not to extend the current lockdown. This Friday, Prime Minister Rutte and the new minister will give a press conference on this. He showed an understanding of the corona poverty in the Netherlands. โ€œBut covid is no longer going away.โ€

In the constituent deliberation, not much has changed to the coalition agreement or to the intended portfolio distribution. โ€œIt is mainly intended to formally establish that we are entering the new adventure together,โ€ said VVD Prime Minister Rutte.

News hour caught the new directors today:


After the constituent deliberation, the Prime Minister presented the final report to the President of the House of Representatives Bergkamp. The report describes exactly which government person will do which subject.

Rutte also went by King Willem-Alexander later in the afternoon, Monday is the official sworn in of the cabinet. This will be broadcast live at deCCeit between 11 am and 12 pm.