Rutte remains silent about formation, no clue about left block

Demissionary Prime Minister Rutte still doesn‘t want to say anything about the continuation of the formation, even if he wants to make a formation attempt with PvdA and GroenLinks.

โ€œI know you’re annoying that we can say so little,โ€ said the VVD leader at the end of his conversation with informer Hamer and the D66 and CDA delegations. โ€œBut everything we say about it doesn‘t help the process.โ€

CDA leader Hoekstra didn’t want to say more than it was a โ€œgood conversationโ€ either. But he did want to say that informator Hamer says โ€œI mean later todayโ€ how to proceed with the conversations.

Groenlinks leader Klaver said that other parties should give โ€œhom or calfโ€. The members of his party and those of PvdA proved to be in favour of jointly jointly the two parties in the formation as one left block.

Extra batch

VVD and CDA have always said to be against a cabinet with PvdA and GroenLinks so far, because only one of the two is needed for a majority. An extra party would make the coalition unstable is fear.

Behind the scenes again this weekend sounded that cooperation on the left does not change that point of view. By the way, D66 would like to have the two left-wing parties at the table.