Rutte said to scouts, “You have to do something with Omtzigt: minister.”

You have to make something with Omtzigt: Minister. This is the input of VVD Group Chairman Rutte in notes made by officials of the talks held by former explorers Jorritsma and Ollongren with group chairmen. The pieces were just sent to the House of Representatives.

All group chairmen have been given the opportunity to see the reports. If they didnt recognize themselves in the records of the conversations, they could report it. The only one who made use of this possibility was group chairman Van der Plas of the Boerburger Movement.

According to the report, the VVD hopes that the CDA will resume. You probably need them, it gets very complicated without the CDA. Maybe more time will be needed. If Wopke (Hoekstra, editorial board) has more votes than Omtzigt, that will help, says in the pieces.

In the conversation between Rutte and the two explorers, there was also talk about a possible Chamber Presidency for Omtzigt, according to the notes.

Rutte said last week that he didnt say anything about Omtzigt

Last week, Rutte told DeccEit that in reconnaissance he didnt say anything about Omtzigt. And last Monday, the former scouts wrote to the Chamber that none of the group chairmen spoke to us about Mr Omtzigt.

On Thursday a photo showed a note of Ollongren with the passage: position Omtzigt, function elsewhere. That led to a lot of commotion. The Chamber wanted clarification on that and Omtzigt reacted furiously. After the turmoil over the photograph Ollongren and co-explorer Jorritsma put their position at their disposal. They were succeeded by the Ministers Great Tit and Van Ark.

In a moment, there will be a Chamber debate about the failed reconnaissance. It was supposed to be held yesterday, then today at 11 a.m. But that too has been postponed a few times. The last scheduled time is now 13.30 p.m.

Look here at Ruttes statement from last week Thursday: