Rutte satisfied with suspension of the curfew, Willem Engel disappointed

Now that the court has ruled that the curfew will remain in force for the time being, it is intended to be maintained. That is what the demissionary Prime Minister Rutte said in response to the suspension of the judgment by the court.

โ€œ I assume that the enforcers will handle it wisely in the next few hours, because there has been some uncertainty about it. But further, the intention is simply to maintain curfew,โ€ said Rutte.

Demissionary Minister Grapperhaus of Justice called on everyone to show respect for police and other enforcers. โ€œOver 95% of the population have so far complied with the measure. Lets keep doing that.โ€

The court suspended the courts decision this morning. He had precisely stipulated that curfew was illegal, because there is no emergency situation as required by law. The State immediately appealed against this. As long as that appeal is pending, the court ruled tonight. In this way, a yo-yo effect is prevented if the curfew in the appeal case is allowed again.

Angel: a charade

Foreman Willem Engel of action group Virus Truth showed himself astonished and surprised after the appeal. And โ€œmaybe a little disappointedโ€. โ€œSomehow I feel that what happened here is really good. Because youre here in great numbers now. Everyone has seen that this is a charade.โ€

According to him, โ€œthe partiality of the court shone through everythingโ€. He says he has been strengthened โ€œin my confidence that we have no justice.โ€

Good news

Prime Minister Rutte insists that curfew is important as the British variant of the virus appears to prevail. โ€œIn order to eventually recover more freedoms, the measure is important.โ€

He once again called on everyone to keep to the curfew. On Friday, the appeal will be served. Rutte reiterated that the Cabinet thinks it has a strong case. In addition, an emergency law is being drawn up in order to keep curfew legally sustainable.

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