Rutte sees little room for easing after March 2

At the moment, Prime Minister Rutte sees little room for easing the corona measures after 2 March. On that day, the current strict lockdown expires. It doesn‘t look good, Rutte said in the curfew debate.

Next week, the Cabinet wants to make a decision on the measures after March 2, including the curfew. If I’m honest, I‘m not optimistic, warned the Prime Minister. He referred to the still not falling contamination rates and the emergence of new, probably more contagious variants of the virus.

According to Rutte, the figures show that a third wave is coming, albeit later than expected. 70 percent of all new infections are now caused by the British variant.

Education and the economy

Strong measures have been in place since mid-December, such as the closure of non-essential shops and secondary education. It is called for flexibility from various sides, because the restrictions have a major impact on people’s well-being and the economy.

Rutte said that there is still some flexibility in education and something for the economy. But those will be very small steps, he warned.