Rutte talking to Kick Out Black Pete tomorrow

Prime Minister Rutte will talk tomorrow with representatives of Black Lives Matter Netherlands and Kick Out Zwarte Piet. He will receive them, together with Minister Koolmees, at the Catshuis, reports the Rijksvoorlichtingdienst.

The Cabinet wants to talk to the activists about how racism can be tackled in different areas of society, and how the discussion about racism can be conducted in a good way.

Rutte already received people at the Catshuis in June who were socially or personally involved in the subject of racism and discrimination, but then the criticism sounded that the ‘protagonists’ were missing. The prime minister promised that he would also talk to them.

Climate crisis

This afternoon Rutte, together with ministers Wiebes and Ollongren, will have a conversation with young people in the Catshuis. They will help to find solutions to the climate crisis, and there will also be talk about the housing shortage among young people.

Present are young people from the National Student Trade Union (LSVb), the Young Climate Movement, NJR and other youth organizations, who have united in Denktank-Y. Their message is that sustainability must be central to the economic recovery after the corona crisis. The virus outbreak should not delay the transition to clean energy, they say.