Rutte talks about measures at European Championships: Were really going to ban that, whole

According to demissionary Prime Minister Mark Rutte, it is forbidden for the catering industry to broadcast EK matches of Orange on a big screen. He made that clear at the coronapers conference on Friday night. Then it became known that youth matches for players up to the age of eighteen are allowed again.
โ€œWe don‘t want video screens at cafes, indoors or outdoors,โ€ Rutte explains at the press conference about the European Championships, which will start in a few weeks. โ€œWe’re really going to ban that, unfortunately.โ€
โ€œWe will enjoy the European Championships, but unfortunately it has to be a different way this year,โ€ says Rutte later at the press moment. โ€œWhen Oranje plays, there‘s nothing more fun than enjoying goals together in a packed cafรฉ. I just can’t do that right now. We still have to see how we are going to maintain that. In any case, it is forbidden.โ€
At the same press conference it also became known that football matches between children under the age of 18 are no longer prohibited. For the last month, only teams of clubs were allowed to finish duels. The KNVB responded positively to that news.

The cabinet eases the corona measures on 5 June: youth matches (up to O18) are allowed and all football players are allowed to train normally again. According to @jdvdzee, the KNVB will start working with this directly.
โ€” KNVB (@KNVB) May 28, 2021