Rutte: The whole of the Netherlands is deeply touched by Peter R. de Vries

In politics The Hague has been shocked to the death of Peter R. de Vries. His death has hit Prime Minister Rutte โ€œdeep, very deepโ€. โ€œAll of the Netherlands is deeply touched.โ€

The demissionary prime minister points out that De Vries was always โ€œdedicated, tenacious, for nothing and no one afraid. Always looking for truth and on the breach for justice. And so all the more dramatic that he has now become a victim of great injustice.โ€

Here‘s the message we hoped we wouldn’t get it, Rutte said:

He adds that โ€œthis cowardly actโ€ should not go unpunished. โ€œWe will do everything we can to combat crime by any means we can.โ€

Justice Minister Grapperhaus used words of equal meaning. โ€œThe approach is really going to take a few more years, because it‘s a multi-headed monster that also contradicts. But we need to tackle these crooked criminals.โ€

He famous De Vries as a brave man. โ€œHe can be put in four words: uncompromising, fearless, tenacious and conhuman,โ€ the minister said.

Peter R. de Vries was the knight we all want to be, Grapperhaus said:

D66 leader Kaag writes on Twitter that his struggle for justice and justice is โ€œan assignment for all of usโ€. โ€œTo do the right, no matter the opposition. So that justice and justice prevail.โ€

PVV leader Wilders said after the news was announced: โ€œWhat a terribly sad news. Lots of strength and condolences for all family members, friends and colleagues.โ€

CDA leader Hoekstra also says that De Vries’s struggle should continue. He calls him a โ€œgreat advocate of free journalism and our rule of law. An extraordinarily brave man who never gave up.โ€

Die upright

PvdA leader Ploumen refers to his life motto: โ€œRather die upright than live on my kneesโ€. She calls Peter R. de Vries a special person and a mainstay for many. โ€œThe Netherlands is going to miss him intensely.โ€