Rutte wants after elections not in Cabinet with Forum for Democracy

Mark Rutte says that the VVD under his leadership will not cooperate with Forum for Democracy after the elections. He said that in the TV show Op1, after Elsevier had reported yesterday that racist apps were sent not only in FvD‘s youth app groups but also in groups with Baudet themselves.

According to Rutte, the apps cross all borders. He called them tonight in Op1 disgusting, homophobic and racist. According to Elsevier, Baudet appended to party friends in July last year that white people score an IQ of 110, whereas for Latinos it is 90 and for African-Americans 75. Other candidates from the electoral list have also sent apps from which bad fumes take off, writes Elsevier Weekblad.

A Baudet app was also cited from a discussion with the then staff members Gideon van Meijeren and Yanick Chevalier, now respectively number 6 and 23 on candidate list, in which he asks: Do you want your sister to come home with a negro? To which Van Meijeren answers: Hell no.

I didn’t actually see it happen, Rutte said in Op1. But after these apps it has become impossible nationally to sit in a cabinet with Baudet. Rutte made his statements in a conversation via a digital connection in the program Op1 where he looked back at an Instagram session earlier in the evening, where young people could ask him questions.

Govern with Forum for Democracy is not going to happen, Rutte said in Op1:

The VVD leader also said to have some campaign in the coming period, after he had announced in October last year that he would not be able to do so by 2020 because of the coronacrisis. Fighting the coronacrisis remains the most important, said Rutte. It will be fit and measure every time. Rutte wants to participate in debates where his agenda allows, and explain his plans for the Netherlands.

Two weeks ago, the PvdA, CDA and GroenLinks criticized the VVD at the start of their campaigns. CDA leader Hoekstra spoke of the broken promises of the liberals. PVDA leader Ploumen said that the coronacrisis shows the bankruptcy of the right-wing liberal thinking of the VVD and Rutte.

In the Outbreak Management Team, there are concerns about the upcoming elections. On 17 March, we can go to the polls, but this involves contamination risks at polling stations, the OMT members say. Some mayors have also suggested that the elections be postponed. Today Minister Ollongren of the Interior said that the elections can continue. Rutte also joins this. According to him, every effort is being made to ensure that the elections run as safely as possible.

FVD leader Baudet did not want to go into the reports about racist apps yesterday: