Rutte wants decisive EU action against Belarus

“The EU – including the Netherlands – cannot accept the results of these elections”, says Rutte. “The message to the regime is clear: violence is unacceptable, political prisoners must be released and human rights must be respected.”

Rutte says that the EU is working on targeted sanctions and that “dialogue should lead to a solution that does justice to the voice of the people”

EU President Michel convened an online meeting of EU leaders to show solidarity with the Belarusian people and further respond to developments in the country, where the re-elected President Lukashenko is coming under increasing pressure.

He expressed himself in similar terms as Rutte: “Our message is clear: the violence must stop and a peaceful and inclusive dialogue must be launched.”

Single call

The EU countries Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have jointly appealed to the government of Belarus not to use violence. They support the demand of the demonstrators for free, fair and democratic presidential elections and want the government of Lukashenko to find a political solution.

The Kremlin says interference from other countries in the events in Belarus is “unacceptable”.