Rutte wants to “look seriously” at JA21, Kaag calls it “hard to imagine.”

D66 is a logical participant because of their victory, we would like to join CDA and after that it will be a little searching. That said VVD-party leader Rutte after his conversation with explorers Jorritsma and Ollongren in the Stadhouderskamer at the Binnenhof.

The two explorers are having their first talks today and tomorrow with the leaders of the parties coming into the new House of Representatives. The scouts need to map out the possibilities for a new cabinet.

Because VVD and D66 came out as the biggest parties in the elections on Wednesday and both made a profit for seats, the broadly shared feeling is that these parties should take the lead in the formation.


Rutte does not rule out an attempt with newcomer JA21 to obtain the necessary majority in the House of Representatives. Especially since that party has a large number of seats in the First Chamber, former FVD members have switched over. So we have to look seriously at JA21, but we don‘t know that party, so we need to investigate exactly what they stand for.

The combination VVD-D66-CDA-JA21 would have 76 seats in the House of Representatives. The VVD leader also mentioned the continuation of the current coalition with the Christian Union as an option. We worked very well together. This combination would lead to 78 seats.

Hoekstra: not on move

CDA leader Hoekstra is not meeting Rutte for the time being. After his conversation, he said that it is not obvious that the CDA is joining a liberal engine of VVD and D66. CDA lost four seats in the election. We are not in the move. Hoekstra said that the two liberal party leaders should first agree among themselves.

Hoekstra referred to D66 leader Kaag, who said this morning that the combination with JA21 seems to her hard to imagine. It is important at this stage to see what everyone wants to achieve in this country, Kaag said. And as for climate and Europe, JA21 does not fit D66, she stressed. Which parties then come into the picture, she did not want to tell, but that it should be sought in the progressive corner.

About a coalition with the left-wing parties of the PvdA and the Green Left, Rutte once again said that this was not his first choice. But we have 35 seats, so we cannot decide on our own.

As progressive as possible

PVDA leader Ploumen reiterated at the end of her conversation with Jorritsma and Ollongren that she only wants to be in a cabinet together with another left-wing party. I want to achieve the most for our voters. We are prepared to take responsibility, but only in a cabinet as progressive as possible, with another left-wing party.

She wouldn’t say which party she preferred, GroenLinks or the SP. When asked whether she sees the Christian Union as a left-wing party, Ploumen replied in the negative.

The Green Left foreman Jesse Klaver did not want to go beyond his hopes for a cabinet as progressive as possible. He did not go into the question whether he would only like to join another left-wing party in the cabinet: ‘as progressive as possible’.

PVV leader Wilders said, just like after the exit poll last week, he expected to return to the opposition. But he hopes that the scouts will investigate a center-right coalition of VVD, CDA, PVV, Forum and JA21 (78 seats). And if you add the SGP or 50Plus, you even have a majority in the First Chamber.

Wilders did not rule out a tolerant construction, like Rutte I in 2010. But it‘s not my preference. The PVV party leader also said that other parties should at least have a conversation with him. It is inappropriate and unheard of not even talking to a party representing a million people.

Thierry Baudet of the Forum for Democracy sees no role for his party in the negotiations. It will be a short conversation, he said on arrival. We have not received enough support from the electorate to make it right.

Marijnissen: differences very large

Lilian Marijnissen, the leader of the SP, finds its party’s government participation after the loss of five seats is not obvious. Still, she put her wish list on the table with the scouts. We want socially out of the coronacrisis, an end to the market forces in healthcare, higher wages and lower rents, she said afterwards.

Marijnissen recognizes that the differences with the VVD are very large, but does not completely exclude that business can be done. They now know what matters to us. They have my number.

The scouts receive the list tractors in order of the number of seats obtained, from large to small. Tomorrow we will have nine more conversations on the programme, with Ouwehand (Party voor de Dieren), Segers (ChristenUnie), Van der Staaij (SGP), Azarkan (Denk), Eerdmans (JA21), Dassen (Volt), De Haan (50Plus), Simons (BIJ1) and Van der Plas (BBB).

See belowwhat combinations are possible: