Rutte wants to pass as leader VVD

Prime Minister Mark Rutte wants to continue as the leader of the VVD, despite the resignation of his cabinet because of the affair with the childcare allowance. The voter then has to judge whether they vote for his party, says Rutte.

He also did not consider stopping as a leader, Rutte said in the press conference explaining the resignation of his cabinet. โ€œIt‘s up to the voter. I have no direct involvement myself. I am ultimately responsible for everything that goes well and does not go well.โ€ He pointed out that the whole impact of this issue was not fully reflected until last summer.

The Cabinet resigns two months before the elections in response to the van Dam Commission’s payment report. Rutte himself played a role in that affair.

PVDA leader Lodewijk Asscher, in the second cabinet Rutte, stopped as a leader because the payment affair remained attached to him.