Ryan Babel test positive on corona

Ryan Babel was tested positive for the coronavirus on Sunday. This happened after a quick test that was taken from the attacker of Orange who was not feeling well.

Babel was therefore lacking in the selection of the Dutch team for the match against Bosnia and Herzegovina (3-1) in the Nations League.

Babel underwent three corona-virussts last week. They all turned out negative. Because Babel had complaints on Sunday, it was decided well before the match to bring him back to the players hotel and to separate him there in a separate wing.

Coach Frank de Boer does not yet know if Babel will return in the selection for Wednesdays away match against Poland. โ€œWe follow the protocols. He wasnt feeling well, and thats why we let him out of the group. Hes gonna be tested again tomorrow, just like all of us. In the past, more errors have been testing. Lets hope for Ryan that it is now again. But at least he had symptoms. Then we dont take any chances. That turned out to be a good choice.โ€

The selection of the Netherlands now has 22 players. The Farmer does not yet know if he calls for a replacement for Babel if the Galatasaray attacker tests positive again on Monday.