Ryan Reynolds denied Green Lantern appearance in ‘Justice League’

The network has long been rumored about a possible appearance in Zack Snyder‘s Justice League Green Lantern from the movie of the same name — but it doesn’t seem to happen. According to Ryan Reynolds, who performed the role of Hal Jordan in the picture, in Snyder‘s tape, his hero certainly won’t appear. He does not deny that the film can include another representative of the Lantern Corps, but Hal‘s appearance is not worth waiting, although the idea of a similar cameo actor likes.

Finally, Reynolds joked that his costume hangs in the closet, or rather, in the computer, hinting at the audience’s criticism of the superhero outfit in the tape. Rumors about the appearance of the hero once again broke out against the background of a recent article about the production of League, where Snyder mentioned that the new version will have a fresh finale with a cameo of some hero, which & nbsp; will blow fans brain.

Justice League will air on HBO Max and other digital venues on March 18. More on Gamomania Design director relaunch Perfect Dark returned to Insomniac Games Twitter suspended the account of the author of leaks on the new Battlefield Yakuza Ishin want release in the West, but then the game will have to be redone – it is already old.