S2 Games studio announces Serial Hunter action

Studio S2 Games is working on a new game. The protagonist of the adventure action thriller Serial Hunter is a journalist named John Doe, who investigates criminal cases and writes about crime in his workplace. But at his leisure, he uses the information gathered for a very different activity.

Doe is confident that many criminals have not been merited, having managed to go with a mild punishment or slip out of his clutches of the law. And he does justice on his own, and knowing the methods of thugs, murderers and rapists helps him.

Punishment he picks up as culpable: from beating with a baseball bat to more effective ways. Its worth noting that despite the identical name, S2 Games studio has nothing to do with by the creators of Strife, Heroes of Newerth and the Savage series.

Founded in Michigan in 2003, the company finally closed in 2018. A a year later, another S2 Games was launched in ลรณdลบ, founded by experienced gaming, marketing and marketing professionals investment business.

And the studio is not only going to make games but also help with their development, publishing and promotion to other studios and single developers. The studio currently has two projects in operation and the second has not yet been announced.

And the game makers are promised investments of up to a million euros, a global publication, marketing and an advertising campaign, which will be worked on by four partner agencies. More on the Game Story Addition Maneater: Truth Quest is released August 31 Endzone โ€” A World Apart to release massive Prosperity Update Released first teaser trailer adventure The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf.