Saad Bendourou: MDM “undeniably” contribute to Moroccos development

The Moroccans of the World (MDM) are a tremendous potential and contribute undeniably to the development of the Kingdom, said Saad Bendourou, Deputy Head of Mission at the Moroccan Embassy in France, during a webinar organized this weekend by the Maroc Entrepreneurs Association on the role of MDM in times of crisis.

The Moroccans of the world represent a real human, intellectual, political, cultural and social capital, Bendourou argued, welcoming the formidable solidarity demonstrated by the MDM during this health crisis, notably, towards their fellow citizens blocked in France during the first containment.

Despite the health crisis, Moroccans around the world have maintained uninterrupted ties with Morocco from every point of view and affirmed the important role they can play before, during and after this unprecedented crisis that unfortunately continues, he said.

For the diplomat, the Moroccan diaspora is established as a real force at 5 C, also recalling its important role in defending the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and their mobilization to denounce the attacks and maneuvers of the Kingdom‘s adversaries.

For Mr Bendourou, at a time when migration becomes an indicative of tension and change, when the circulation, production, use and appropriation of knowledge becomes a global issue of power, Moroccans in the diaspora have continued to maintain close and strong ties with their country of origin through investments and transfer of skills, expertise, knowledge and know-how.

MDMs want to strengthen and promote these links to make them a development tool for the benefit of their home countries, the diplomat said.

If the word diaspora initially means seed dispersal in botany, these Moroccan skills want to sow in turn these seeds of knowledge and knowledge in their country of origin, he said.

This event, organized in virtual mode due to the Covid-19 pandemic and under the sign The Role of Moroccans of the World in Times of Crisis, the Association, which brings together the largest network of Moroccan skills with more than 12,000 members, highlighted the beneficiary projects of its program which is at its 13th edition.

During this virtual meeting, Morocco entrepreneurs also gave the floor to several guests to highlight the actions taken to address the health crisis linked to the pandemic of the new coronavirus.

The association also spotted Moroccan skills across borders, through Masterclasses and roundtables, to highlight inspiring success-stories and success experiences of Moroccan companies.

A special forum was devoted to those who promote Morocco internationally with their active participation in the strategy of exit from the crisis.

As part of its programme Stepping Stone Morocco for 2021 four finalists have been selected for this year. They will all benefit exceptionally from the financial and legal support of the association.

The first Entrepreneur Prize of the 13th edition of the Stepping Stone Morocco program was awarded to the Workit project led by young Doha Laftimi, while the Coup de Pouce award returned to the e-Lawyer project of Omar El Hazime and Badr Zeroual while the Entrepreneur Hope award was awarded to Mahassine Aboui’s eContainHealth project.

Stepping Stone Maroc is a program of support for the creation of companies that the association organizes annually on the occasion of Business Creation Day.